CHC P316

CHC P316 vertical take-off and landing Drone for surveyors.


P316 is the latest vertical take-off and landing unmanned aircraft from CHC Navigation. The P316 is constructed using strong and durable materials and has unique axle piercing design which makes it easy to transport and assemble.

The proven aerodynamic design guarantees stable flight capabilities, while the high voltage battery allows for 70 minutes of flight time.

Equipped with a dual RTK/PPK module and magnetic compass the P316 delivers reliable, high accuracy positioning and orientation (POS) data.

The P316 comes with ground control software for mission planning which means in cases of low battery, loss of data link or GNSS anomaly the return to base emergency settings will be triggered to ensure easy and seamless return of the UAV.

Key Features

  • Composite wing layout
  • Unique dual electric motor
  • Dual-differential and magnetic compass module
  • Axle piercing design for control surfaces
  • Multifunctional ground control software
  • Emergency parachute for landing in difficult terrains
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