CHC Apache 5


The APACHE 5 has integrated intelligent robotic technology for water navigation and topographic surveying, which provides a smart, unmanned, motorized and net-worked measurement solution.

Key Features

  • TripleĀ­-hull vessel
  • Lightweight construction, less than 10 kg
  • Internal high sensitivity inertial navigation system
  • Adjustable speed, up to 5 m/s
  • Counter-rotating dual propellers technology
  • High flexibility for different configuration of sensors
  • Equipped with a high definition wireless video camera

APACHE 5 is perfect for geomorphological surveys and mapping, channel surveys, and underwater geological exploration. As the system can be used remotely or autonomously, it greatly improves the safety of your personnel. The system also enhances the flexibility and efficiency of underwater monitoring as well as hydrographic surveying.

Digital radio and high definition wireless video camera come as standard on the APACHE 5. Optional equipment such as single or multibeam sonars, side-scan sonars and GNSS receivers can also be fitted.

The APACHE 5 can collect and store data locally from multiple sensors all in real time. The triple hull has anti-corrosion technology making it suitable for all kinds of environments. The APACHE 5 can be pre-programmed with a task and left to navigate and collect data autonomously.

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