CHC Navigation offers to geospatial professionals our premium high-performance, vehicle-independent mobile mapping solution to capture mass data in continuously changing world environments on dynamics, enabling them to get work done quickly and more accurately to increase their ROI.

The Alpha3D combines state-of-the-art high-performance hardware, such as long range, ultra-high speed, precise laser scanner, high-resolution HDR panoramic camera in combination with advanced GNSS receiver and high precision IMU, in one instrument with light weight and compact but in same time rugged design. All these features keep Alpha3D as one of the most innovative systems in the market today.

Get new revenue and increase ROI

With Alpha3D users can collect more data faster and reducing time in the field more than 40% compared to traditional surveying instruments. By combination of point clouds and high-resolution images as well as information from additional sensors there is no need to return to site for remeasurement. With multiple type of data measurement professionals can open new industries and applications.

Vehicle-independent platform

Whatever the task is, the Alpha3D is easily mounted on a variety of platforms, including different type of vehicles, trains, railway trolleys and boats, rapidly and efficiently collects the high density, accurate point clouds and powerful images data but also adds extra information from additional sensors, such as high-resolution camera, thermal camera, echo sounder or extra profiler.

Key Features

  • High accuracy
  • High-performance laser scanner
  • High resolution 360° image
  • Ready now, thinking about future
  • Vehicle-independent platform
  • Robust and lightweight design
  • User-friendly control SW
  • Powerful CoProcess desktop SW to manage projects
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