AMW Water Management Design Tool


A Turn-key Water Management Design Tool

WATERCOURSE creates a design file for AMW’s DIRT, DITCH and PIPE machine control products by creating visual layers for interpreting and improving the natural watershed to design effective drainage solutions.

Design a precise water management system above ground or subterranean using an efficient, accurate solution, unique to the topography to save money, improve soil quality, optimize yields or to ensure proper drainage in an area under construction. Simple click-and-drag controls encourage experimentation while drawing a network of mains, break lines, and laterals of ditches or tiling.

Tile Design Capability

WATERCOURSE Site Design for Tiling provides the tools necessary to design a precise water management tiling system. Draw an efficient and accurate tile layout for your unique topography while you experiment with optimal tile systems without moving any dirt.

A digital elevation model (topo map) is created using AMW GRADE, DIRT, DITCH or PIPE products or imported from other sources. This contour map, with color-coded elevations, provides a clear visual guide to the natural movement of water and the location of water sheds, for the best placement of tiles.

By overlaying a tile design and watershed outlets on the topo map or even Google Maps, it’s clear where water will naturally collect or flow. This is especially helpful in integrating water movement in a field or property with existing county drains.

Field Design Capability

WATERCOURSE Site Design allows you to design an accurate and effective surface drainage system by land shaping. Draw a customized surface grade for your unique topography, to prevent phosphorus and potash nutrient loss through erosion, or nitrogen loss in ponded water and wet soils. Output the Field Design file to AMW’s DIRT Solution to automatically control a scraper, to obtain level and precisely graded surfaces.

Ditch Design Capability

WATERCOURSE Site Design for Ditching allows you to design farmable drainage ditches that remove surface water from a field. Your design will be based on parameters input by the user: min/max and optimum slope, min/max and optimum depth. The program will place the ditch at the optimum depth, without ever violating the minimum slope, to create an effective and efficient part of a complete water management system. AMW’s DITCH Solution, installed on your equipment, then controls the elevation and grade of the ditch, during excavation.

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