AMW Grade Turn-key Site Management Solution


A Turn-key Site Management Solution

AMW GRADE is available in 2 versions; GRADE I & II. In GRADE I, the user can load maps, design files or overlay aerial images to locate assets, geographic points or other job site points with meter accuracy. Site supervisors and crew can quickly locate points and check rough grade. This is a big time saver, versus using paper maps or sending crew out to locate something with only general directions.

Bringing this tool to the job site helps Supervisors and crew efficiently oversee operations across the whole site, identifying problem areas quickly. By loading digital site maps and overlaying design drawings with other data sources like aerial survey and imagery data on the Tablet, helps the Site Supervisor find site assets and important features when preparing a quote or visiting a work site. GRADE I can also be used as a rough grade checkere, to insure job accuracy and progress.

Key Features (GRADE I)

  • Rugged Android Tablet with Cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi
  • AMW GRADE Software pre-loaded
  • Long lasting Lithium batteries
  • Import Topo, Design, & Google maps
  • Accepts AMW Watercourse design files
  • Accepts Line drawing, DXF, CSV, LANDXML, CTI file types
  • Use to locate site assets
  • Internal GNSS with 50cm-1.5m accuracy

Key Features (GRADE II)

  • Separate wireless RTK GNSS rover with 1-2cm accuracy
  • Create detailed Topo elevation map of work site
  • Check Grade elevations
  • Set RTK Control Points
  • Calculates surface TIN file for Machine Control

Collect surveyor accurate topographic data on any jobsite.

GRADE II adds RTK GNSS accuracy and more features. Data can be collected by simply walking or driving, quickly creating detailed topo maps. The density of elevation points can be adjusted, providing a more detailed topographic survey versus hiring a surveyor, eliminating stakes and providing accurate data for earth moving operations.

GRADE II can also be used to measure Grade elevations for monitoring project progress. GRADE II can set RTK GNSS control points, so you have the same reference point from your survey to when using automated blade control to move earth, reducing errors and maximizing accuracy. GRADE II can be tied to a coordinate system, such as State Plane or UTM, to ensure repeatability. The point information is made into a map showing elevation contours, commonly known as a topo. The point file information can be exported and used to create a design (triangulated network) in WATERCOURSEâ„¢ or other 3rd party CAD design software. It provides the elevation difference between a surface and a design in real time.

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