AMW Ditch Surface Control Solutions for Surveying.


A Turn-key Surface Drainage Control Solution

Control standing water on any terrain to increase yields and reduce nitrogen loss. Control moving water to minimize phosphorus and potassium loss and keep applied fertilizer where it is needed. Eliminate the erosion of any terrain and valuable soils utilizing customized designs, for improved soil quality and crop yields. DITCH works with in-depth pre-planned designs as well as in-field depth and grade designs.

DITCH also provides for topographical map creation by driving the terrain, and or layering a geo-referenced yield map, Google map, satellite image, aerial photo or other user defined maps to identify water ponding areas and drainage strategies, for planning and soil placement. Now, on our new Android computer platform with survey grade RTK, operation has been simplified and updated and includes all hardware needed for a quick install.

Key Features (Software)

  • Creates Topo, or import Topo, Design, & Google maps
  • Compatible with all GPS brands, calibrated with CHC i70
  • Locate assets, geographic points or other job site points
  • Works with all scraper and ditcher configurations
  • Minimum slope adjustment of the ditch
  • Ditch Cut Fill management with display of +/- grade of ditch
  • Utilizes Vertical Curve Technology - VCT

Key Features (Ditch Placement)

  • Automatic control of the machine
  • Creates Ditch plan from SVY using auto depth parameters
  • Displays grade and direction of ditch (point to slope)
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