Automated Blade Control Solution for Surveying


A Turn-key Automated Blade Control Solution

Complete cut & fill blade control solution for all your blade equipped machines. DIRT is available in 2 versions, depending on the type of blade control needed. DIRT includes full GRADE II functionality for surveyor accurate topographic mapping, grade checking and RTK Control Point management. DIRT machine control follows 3rd party CAD or AMW’s WATERCOURSE created designs files.

DIRT includes survey grade RTK GNSS 3D positioning, blade inclinometer sensor, CANBUS controller and DIRT software running on a wireless Android Tablet computer. The tablet wirelessly connects to the RTK receiver and other sensors, making the system easily portable. The portable system can be re-installed on other equipment needed for the job, saving the user both time and money.

Key Features

  • Rugged Android Tablet with Cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi
  • AMW DIRT Software pre-loaded
  • CHC i70 Surveyor grade RTK GNSS Base Station
  • CHC P3DT Surveyor grade RTR GNSS Rover & Heading sensor
  • Long lasting Lithium batteries
  • Import Topo, Design, & Google maps
  • Create detailed Topo elevation map of work site
  • Set RTK Control Points
  • Calculates surface TIN file for Machine Control
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